How to Recover Deleted Videos From Android (An Easy Way)

How to Recover Deleted Videos From Android

Are you wondering how to recover deleted videos from Android? As you know, losing important videos on your Android device can be a stressful and frustrating experience. Whether you accidentally deleted them, encountered system errors, or even performed a factory reset, you can lose all your memories and important photos. In this article, we’ll guide … Read more

How to Reinstall Android OS (An Exclusive Guide)

How to Reinstall Android OS

Do you want to know how to reinstall Android OS? Reinstalling the Android OS on your smartphone can be a necessary step when you’re facing consistent issues that can’t be resolved through simple troubleshooting methods. Problems such as continuous app crashes, a sluggish user interface, frequent system errors, or even a completely unresponsive device can … Read more

How to Update Android TV Box (Ultimate Guide)

How to Update Android TV Box (Ultimate Guide)

Like all the tech-devices have their own software to manage instructions and  display results between the device and user. Similarly, your Android TV box contains a unique software which is known as firmware.  Hearing this terminology for the first time? Don’t worry, we will take care of this later in this blog. The main concern … Read more

How to Disable JavaScript on Android (Easy Guide)

How to Disable JavaScript on Android

Are you wondering how to disable JavaScript on Android? If you’re not familiar with JavaScript, let us give you a chance for a quick brief on it. JavaScript is a client side programming language that enables developers to create interactive web pages.  The major usage of JavaScript is to track user behavior and collect data … Read more

How to Disable Suggested “Articles for You” From Chrome

How to Disable Suggested Articles in Chrome

Do you often find yourself actively searching for the option to disable suggested articles in Chrome? Well, it sounds like every other user of Google Chrome, frustrated by the browser’s generosity to curate google articles for you specifically. However, if you hesitate to search up the process for fear of paying a hefty amount to … Read more

Qualcomm Launched Its Own Snapdragon Insider Program

Are you a fan of Qualcomm? If the answer is YES then you must need to know about Qualcomm launched its own Snapdragon Insider program to create a united community around its products. What is Snapdragon Insiders? A profitable project of approaching Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, Snapdragon Insiders needs to meet fans and take them … Read more